Where to watch Masooda horror movie 2022?

Are you planning on watching a Telugu horror thriller for your weekend or a movie night? Masooda is one of the best Telugu horror thrillers released in 2022 that you should watch if you are interested in watching horror thrillers. Currently, you can find numerous online streaming platforms for watching Telugu movies. But you must remember that not all of them will have the movies you are looking for, like Masooda.

If you want to watch the movie Masooda online, then the only place you have to look for is aha OTT. Aha is one of the best OTT platforms currently streaming many new Telugu movies online. You can find Telugu horror thrillers like Masooda and many other movies in it. If you have already watched all the popular Telugu horror films, try switching to horror web series like Anya’s Tutorial, also available in aha.

The cast of Masooda

The main cast members of Masooda are Sangeetha as Neelam, Thiruveer as Gopi, Kavya Kalyan Ram as Mini, Shubhalekha Sudhakar as Rizwan, Akhila Ram as Masooda, and Bandhavi Sridhar as Nazia.

Masooda, A Telugu Horror Thriller Sets A New Record On OTT Platform Aha -  Filmibeat

The story of Masooda

Neelam, a single mother, lives with her daughter Nazia in an apartment behind a building where a murder happened earlier. Later Nazia gets possessed by an evil, which results in a change in her behaviour by doing some strange activities. The next part of the movie is about Neelam getting help from her neighbour Gopi and trying to help her daughter from the evil force.

Highlights of Masooda

Masooda is one of the best horror films in Telugu, released in 2022 with an IMDb rating of 7.4. The extreme suspense, mysteries and thrillers have made the movie highly interesting, especially for those who have a great passion for watching horror thrillers. Every part of the movie is made realistically and scarily, so it is unsuitable for children to watch. Masooda film includes horror, mysteries, suspense, crime, and emotional parts. So if you are expecting a normal horror movie, then you can get an exciting movie experience far greater.

The best place to watch the latest Telugu horror thriller movie Masooda – aha

Aha is the best online platform for watching the newly released exciting horror thriller Masooda. You need to take an aha subscription to watch this movie and other Telugu horror movies, which is easily affordable. Taking an aha subscription is not a waste of money. Instead, it offers numerous benefits for all aha users. It gives you complete access to many movies available on the aha OTT platform. Apart from that, you can also stream your favourite tv shows like Unstoppable and many others like web series.

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